Waterpark management software is a specialized tool meticulously crafted to simplify and optimize the operations of waterpark facilities, catering to the unique needs of the leisure industry. It offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities to ensure seamless operations, including ticketing and admissions management, capacity monitoring for guest safety, inventory management to track retail and refreshment supplies, staff scheduling and performance tracking for efficient workforce management, and reporting and analytics tools for informed decision-making.

This software is designed to enhance the overall guest experience by ensuring smooth operations and minimizing wait times. Additionally, it aims to increase operational efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining processes. By providing insights into guest preferences and park performance, the software empowers waterpark owners and operators to maximize revenue through targeted marketing strategies and optimized resource allocation.


Productivity metric to measure employee performance

Identify inefficiencies to streamline workflows and boost productivity

Label apps & websites employees use as productive or unproductive

Identify top- and low-performing employees and analyze their work habits

Application start time, end time, and their recurrence

Get alerts and send messages to employees when they’re being too unproductive for too long

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