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SANTA SOFTECH, has an enviable and consistent record of having completed projects on time and within budget. This consistency has been our hallmark.

We are committed to deliver robust, scalable solutions that help your organization to reduce complexity, mitigate risks and achieve business objectives. Our team has extensive experience with a wide variety of application software technologies, tools and platforms.

Now-a-days Mobile App plays a critical role for organization to provide instant solutions at low cost. Best practices from previous projects are systematically captured in our knowledge repositories, without compromising on any confidentiality. These help us in rapidly shortening the turnaround cycles.

Custom software development is a way to get advantage in the competitive market. It provides superior functionality due to its customization. With more than 20 years in IT, SANTA SOFTECH offers custom software development services to plan and deliver tailored quality software which is reliable.

Services We Provide

Software Solutions

  • Corporate & Inter organizational Software Systems
  • Departmental Software
  • Software for a Specific Business Function
  • Customer Self-service Apps
  • Cross Platform Apps
  • Website Development
  • Website Re-Design

Consulting Expertise

  • Software ideation
  • Project design
  • Software architecture design
  • Software development and implementation
  • Software integration advisory and implementation
  • Software modernization and implementation
  • Software maintenance and support

Happy Clients nationwide

Projects successfully completed and operational


Years of experience in the industry

Team of dedicated professionals

Technical Expertise

  • 1995
    DOS Application in Basic / DBase
  • 2005
    Windows Base Application in Visual Basic / Visual Foxpro
  • 2010
    Web Application in PHP / VB.Net / Asp.Net
  • 2022
    Web application using React Js and Node Js
  • 2023
    Cross platform web apps using React Native and Flutter
  • 2025
    Future scope: Data analytics and machine learning using python and Power BI