An activity monitoring application is a sophisticated software tool meticulously crafted to monitor and document user interactions on electronic devices, primarily computers. These applications meticulously record data ranging from app usage to visited websites, keystrokes typed, and time allocation across various applications.

Their purposes span from personal productivity enhancement by helping individuals understand their digital habits and identify areas for improvement, to corporate employee monitoring where organizations utilize these tools to ensure efficient use of work hours and adherence to company policies.

Activity monitoring applications provide invaluable insights into user behavior and device utilization, enabling individuals and organizations to make informed decisions about time management and resource allocation.

Whether employed for personal accountability or organizational oversight, these applications offer a comprehensive solution to track and analyze digital activities, aiding in productivity optimization and ensuring adherence to policies and regulations.


Productivity metric to measure employee performance

Identify inefficiencies to streamline workflows and boost productivity

Label apps & websites employees use as productive or unproductive

Identify top- and low-performing employees and analyze their work habits

Application start time, end time, and their recurrence

Get alerts and send messages to employees when they’re being too unproductive for too long

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