Frida Kahla Style Colorful Flower Headband. Hand Crafted. Standard Size. here has the latest

I made these for a fun Frida themed birthday party
for my sister...I didn't have a template as a guide, I just
gathered all the materials I thought could work, looked
at some pictures on line to get inspired and pretty much just went for it!
They were a hit and really helped to bring the whole party together.

Frida Kahla Colorful Flower Headband
Only one available
Headband base is a standard narrow teen/woman headband, approx. 5/16" wide
Cardboard foundation glued to the headband
Assortment of flowers, petals & leaves artfully glued onto the cardboard
Leaves glued to back as finishings.
The flowers have about a 3.5" rise at center and naturally round out at the sides.
They are also approx. 3.5" from front to back.
The fan of flowers measures approx. 15" from side to side.
The cardboard isn't visible when on...and the flowers are wonderfully distracting,
but you could always paint the cardboard if you prefer it more finished.
Thanks for taking a peek.
Happy wishes to you from California!

CategoryWomen, Accessories, Hair Accessories
ColorPink, Red
Style TagsFrida, Day Of The Dead, Colorful Floral Headband

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